1969-1971 Thunderbird Electronic Sequential Blinkers Installation
1. Remove the glovebox, or working from under the passenger side dash, unplug the white 4 connector plug.
Doing this disconnects the left (green wire)/right (orange wire) inboard taillights from the front
blinker circuit and allows us to control them individually thru the sequencer board.

2. Take the two jumper wires provided and reconnect the yellow/white and
    black/blue striped wires in the white connector you just disconnected.  The black/
    blue wire is for the rear sail panel lights. Iím not sure what the yellow/white is for but
    itís a good idea to connect it back. 

Wrap electrical tape around both sides of the disconnected white plug

3. Working from the drivers side floor, locate the 3 conductor connector near
    the lower steering column and brake pedal.  This is the left and right cornering
    light connector.  We will tap in here and use these signals to activate the sequencer.


    Press the side tabs in and pull the connector apart
4. Get some 2 conductor solid phone wire or thin gauge speaker wire long enough to run
   from this connector and into the trunk.  Strip about an inch from both wires and shape like this.

5. Insert these wires as shown, in the purple and brown wire holes.  It doesnít matter which
    wire goes where.  We will set these properly when we connect the trunk wires.


Make sure you have 1 wire each in each hole.  Leave the bottom (red)  hole open
6. Hold the 2 wires in place and fully snap the connector back together

Wrap the connector with electrical tape.  Use a wire tie or some tape to wrap
the new wire to the existing wires coming out of the connector.

7. Remove the rear seat bottom cushion by pulling sharply up from the bottom.
    It helps if the front seats are fully forward.   When this is done remove it from
    the car.  Take the rear seat back (driver side) out by removing the 2 lower bolts
    and side bolts if equipped.

8. Run the wire from the above connector under the carpet or drivers door sill and into the trunk.

9. Strip 1/4" off the ends of the wire you just ran from the front to the back.  Push these wires firmly
    into the blue block on the sequencer board as pictured and tighten the two screws securely.

10. Disconnect the red plug and the black plug from the existing sequencer board mounted in the trunk
     and connect them to the new sequencer board as shown below.  Press tight.  Don't worry that the
     sequencer connector is not red.  You can't mix them up they will only fit one way!

11.  We now need to run a seperate 12V power line from behind the glove box to the rear trunk area to
      power the new sequencer board.  Working from behind the dash thru the glovebox, locate the buss
      bar as shown below.  We want to attach our 12v lead to the terminal with the arrow.  This is an
      always on battery connection. Take a 3/8 socket and carefully remove the nut.
      MAKE SURE TO DISCONNECT THE BATTERY! if you touch your wrench to anything metal
     with the battery connected it will spark and melt.  Make sure the connection is tight and secure and not  
     touching anything else.  Make sure to use heavy gauge wire as this will handle the load of all 6 taillights. 
     Now run this wire under the carpet or door sill to the back trunk area where the sequencer is located.

13. Attach new wire to the fuse lead coming out of the sequencer board.  Be sure to make a tight
     connection and use a wire nut or bullet connectors and tape it.

This completes the necessary wiring.  We can now test the sequencer before putting it in the case.
With the key in the ON or ACC position turn on the left blinker.  If all is wired correctly the amber
LED will light as shown in figure 1.  Same for the right blinker, shown in figure 2.  Press the brake
pedal and the red LED should light as in figure 3.  If the LED's do not light, go back and check
your wiring at the steering column and at the blue terminal block on the sequencer board.  If the
amber leds light reverse you need to loosen the screws on the blue terminal block, pull the wires out,
swap the positions of the two wires and tighten the screws back.

           FIGURE 1                                             FIGURE 2                                         FIGURE 3

Test to make sure that the rear tailights are working by using the blinkers and the brakes.  If you get the indicator lights as above but your taillights do not light then you are not getting 12v thru the wire you ran from the buss bar.  Check it with a test light or meter.  When everything works then proceed to the next step.

14.  Route all the wires thru the hole in the case.  The flat cable can come out the side.  If you want to add a 3rd brake light for safety, you can connect it to the female lug connector shown below.  Connect the ground wire from the 3rd brake light as required by the manufacturer. The 3rd brake light will always come on whenever the brake pedal is pressed.  If you removed the sequencer box, mount it back up again.  Make sure your wiring is neat and concealed and not pinched between any metal parts.  Put the seat back in and screw it down.  Put the seat bottom back in too.
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