1965-1968 T-Bird / Cougar  Electronic Sequential Blinkers

Installation instructions:
1.   Locate sequential blinker pack in trunk.  On a 65 and 66 it will be wrapped in a black tape ‘cocoon’.
     On a 67 it will be on the left inside driver’s side and has no ‘cocoon’.

2.  Open the ‘cocoon’ if equipped, and pull the top off the white plastic case in the middle.
     There is a little lock tab you will have to pry up with a small screwdriver.

3.  Pull the wires off the switch board in there, and slide the switch board out.
     You can leave the motor and cam in place but you have to unscrew the ground wire from the motor.           
     Remove the old wire harness and save it.

4.  Insert the new board in place where the old relay board slid out.
     Route all wires thru the same hole the old ones came out.  Put the plastic white cap back on and press  
     until it clicks.  Plug the flat 4 connector where you unplugged the old one from.
     Screw black ground wire where the old ground wire went.

5.  On the 66 (maybe 65 too) there is a flat 2 connector going to the old motor/switch board that you 
     just replaced.  On the new board this doesn’t need to be connected.

Usage Instructions:
There are 2 switches, SW1 and SW2.  SW1 is nearer to the edge of the board and controls the speed of the sequence (flash rate).  SW2 is the other switch and controls the blink sequence (pattern).  Each time you press either switch, the green LED indicator above it will blink the number of times corresponding to the blink sequence or blink rate.  When it gets to 10, it will go back to 1.  If you press SW1 and SW2 together, both green LED indicators will flash 3 times, and the unit will reset to factory default, which is blink sequence 1, blink rate 5 (original tbird).  The unit must be plugged in and the turn signal, left or right, on with the car key on to change any settings.  Your last setting will be retained until changed again.  There are 3 red LED indicators which mimic the taillights and will assist you in making above changes.

Hope you enjoy this neat device.  Let me know how I can make any improvements.
Some blink patterns may not be legal.  Check local laws.
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